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How will Local Authorities Promote Healthy Habits During Early Childhood?

Wednesday, 28 April at 2pm

The World Health Organisation reported in 2019 that sedentary lifestyles were contributing to rising obesity levels in young children across the world. Research into the impact of Covid suggests that the pandemic has exacerbated that issue, with children being less physically active than ever due to the restrictions that are in place. Designed for Local Authorities and their health partners, 50 Things encourages activity, indoors and out, nurturing positive habits for healthier living. Hear health experts talk about how communities can work together to promote changes in lifestyles, and how a local 50 Things offer can support that shift in behaviour.



How can Local Authorities promote a Summer of Play to enhance learning, health and school readiness?

Wednesday, 9 June at 2pm

As very young children return to a more open society and life beyond the home, following Covid restrictions, developing their confidence and independence has never been more important. Hear how, by promoting 50 Things within the Home Learning Environment (both indoors and outdoors), Local Authorities can support young children's play, early development, and conversation skills, nurturing independence and school readiness.