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How parents use 50 Things To Do

Step 1

Download the mobile app and access the featured activities.

Step 2

Find the area you live within or nearby on the Regions page.

Step 3

Start working through the activities and capture memories!

Step 4

Share your memories with others to inspire your community.


Tick-off 50 fantastic things for you and your child to experience together.


50 Things To Do Before You’re Five gives you 50 activities that parents and carers can support their children to try out and repeat. Each of the 50 Things have been carefully developed by education experts and early years practitioners following consultation with parents, and we’ve made sure that children with special education needs are included and that each of the 50 Things means something across our culturally diverse communities.


Create Memories

Build a memory bank of those special moments, to revisit, reflect on, and look back on later in life.


All the suggestions we have included are low-cost or no cost experiences that include indoor, outdoor, seasonal, home-based and out-and-about activities, that are not only fun but will get your little one off to a flying start with his/her learning and language development.



Share memories and inspire others to connect with their child’s learning through an online community.


Each experience has been suggested by parents, carers and professionals; sifted, developed by early years experts and language specialists, to create a fabulous resource for every child under five and the grown-ups in their life!



The mobile App

50 Things To Do Before You’re Five gives you 50 activities that parents and carers can support their children to try out and repeat.

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The 50 Things To Do project aims to provide inspiration for parents and carers to connect with children through a range of activities, all designed to have a positive impact on life-long learning.
By buildings skills and confidence of parents, this will support improvements for children of all ages - take a look at what different councils have discovered through their use of 50 Things.
Over time we want our work to be available to every child and family in the country, expanding our current partnerships with 13 Local Authorities across England.
Come along to our online webinar to discover more about the 50 Things To Do project and how you can get involved.