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Our Mission

50 Things to Do helps parents develop their home learning environment so that far more children thrive by the age of five. As a result, more children develop the skills, language and resilience needed in school and beyond.

Parents and carers will be helping their children to have exciting life experiences, developing confidence and a passion for learning new things, recognising the vital role that they play in helping to realise their children’s potential.

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Low literacy levels put a child at a disadvantage against the rest of the class and research shows that many children never recover from this early disadvantage, which impacts on their attainment, confidence, aspirations and life chances.

This fact is supported by academic research recognised by the DfE, the Education Endowment Foundation and Public Health England which tells us that parents who confidently support the development of language, literacy and communication skills with their under-fives has a profound impact on achievement in primary and secondary age phases.

50 Things To Do will help schools fulfill their statutory obligation to promote home learning at a time of Covid recovery. It will also help primary schools meet the challenge of Ofsted’s new inspection framework focus on the wider curriculum.

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The initiative is based on the simple notion that access to life-changing, fun, low or no-cost experiences with your family, indoors and outdoors, is a great way to support young children’s development.



Our project supports those entering into the primary phase and takes the ‘bucket list’ approach to improving outcomes in reading, writing, maths and the wider curriculum.
Meet the team members that will guide you on your 50 Things journey.
The 50 Things To Do project sprung from the minds of people at the St Edmund's Nursery School in Bradford.