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  • 50 Things to Do

    50 Things to Do

    50 Things to Do Before You’re Five helps children develop the skills, language and resilience needed in school and beyond. Using the same, low or no cost approach, 50 Things to Do Primary is designed to enable children to become increasingly independent in their own decision-making.

  • 50 Things To Do Before You're Five

    50 Things To Do Before You're Five

    A menu of exciting activities for families with young children, giving them great suggestions for how to have fun and learn at the same time.

    What is 50 Things To Do Before You're Five?

  • 50 Things To Do Primary

    50 Things To Do Primary

    Designed to enable children to become increasingly independent in their own decision-making, helping every child develop life skills and explore new interests, through local low cost and no cost activities.

  • The 50 Things Mobile App

    The 50 Things Mobile App

    Information, guidance and supporting resources that allow parents to build a digital memory bank of their child's special moments.


    What's in the app?

  • Inspirational Activities

    Inspirational Activities

    Inspired by parents and carers, each activity has been developed by early years experts and language specialists to create a fabulous resource!

    The Activities

  • Nationwide Impacts

    Nationwide Impacts

    We are excited to see 50 Things To Do being actively used in many areas already! Find out which regions are already on board...


50 Things To Do seeks to help every child reach important health, learning, and wellbeing milestones, by providing 50 low or no cost ideas for play, to the people who care for them.

A local 50 Things offer helps to...


Improve health by establishing active lifestyles, leading to better mental wellbeing, lower obesity, and improved coronary and respiratory fitness.


Establish healthy habits that can last a lifetime


Improve language and communication skills.


Improve engagement in outdoor play and learning, improving fine and gross motor skills.


Improve parental confidence in engaging in playful family learning with their child.


Improve school readiness, including better self-regulation, metacognition and resilience.


How can Local Authorities promote a Summer of Play to enhance learning, health and school readiness?

As very young children return to a more open society and life beyond the home, following Covid restrictions, developing their confidence and independence has never been more important. Hear how, by promoting 50 Things within the Home Learning Environment (both indoors and outdoors), Local Authorities can support young children's play, early development, and conversation skills, nurturing independence and school readiness.


Now available!


Approx. 50 minutes

50 Things aligns with the DfE's pre-school literacy priorities and develops children's awareness of their cultural capital

The 50 Things approach promotes the benefits of experiential learning. By having fun at home and in the outdoors, children will become more confident communicators, less likely to start school with a word-gap.

As Jersey celebrates their first 50 Things birthday, Claire Steel reflects on the year and the milestones they have achieved.
Carrie Priestley, a mother of 3, gives us an insight on how she has used 50 Things as a parent and why it has been so beneficial to the development of her children.
As 50 Things Turns Five, Andrea Layzell, our National Early Years Projects Lead, reflects on how 50 Things started and the journey so far.

Helping parents improve their home learning environment 

Access life-changing, fun, low or no-cost experiences with your family. These activities are a great way to support and develop young children’s oracy skills and confidence, ready for school life.


For Parents


The mobile App

Discover 50 Things To Do Before You’re Five. To get started, simply download the mobile app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.




50 Things featured on BBC Look North... Watch some of our parents talking about how much fun they are having with 50 Things!

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