Through place-based, playful experiences, 50 Things to Do Before You're Five helps young children to have the best start in life. It inspires families to make their homes a great place for their children to learn and thrive.

Resources for Professionals

There are 23 localised offers across the British Isles. If you work in one of these areas, we would love you to use 50 Things to Do in your work! Have a look below for some inspiration or contact your local team. 

Find your local website through the map below. If you're loving our work but can't see it in your area, have a look at our Commission Us section.

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Practitioners and Teachers
working within the EYFS

If you're an Early Years Group Setting, School or Childminder, click here for resources to inspire the work in your setting!

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in Early Help and Family Centres

Click here to find resources by 50 Things to Do related to your work.

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Cultural Venues
working with children

If you work with Early Years in a venue such as libraries, museums and castles or any other place of culture, click here to find resources related to your practice!

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working in Health

If you work in health with parents or carers of young children, click here for resources to be used in your practice!

If you are already using 50 Things to Do in your practice, but don’t see your line of work here, please get in touch with us at info@50Thingstodo.org. We may be able to help, or you may be able to help us develop something!

Finding your local 50 Things offer

Click play on the map below and find your local website to explore 50 Things in your area! 

50 Things to Do is available for anyone to use in the United Kingdom. If you live in an area with a localised 50 Things offer, you will see that the activities refer to places and spaces close to home.



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Can't find your local 50 Things offer?

If we don’t currently have an offer in your area, why not have a look at our Commission Us page and get in touch!

The perfect resource

50 Things to Do is a perfect resource for agencies working with families, designed to improve outcomes for children. It is based on the simple notion that access to life-changing, fun, low or no-cost experiences with family, indoors and outdoors, is a great way to support children's development.


It is a free bucket list of ‘fun stuff', involving an app, website, and social media campaign. It provides you with the perfect resource for supporting your families


It can be used by nurseries, childminders, schools, health teams, cultural settings and community organisations, or by anyone who wants to improve outcomes for your young children. 

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Having fun together!

Our initiative is underpinned by evidence-informed impactful approaches to learning and parenting. What your families really need to know is that it is full of fun stuff to do with their children! Our focus on families having fun together is a deliberate approach, promoting an inclusive, non-judgmental way for parents to engage fully with their children.

Want to find out more about our evidence-informed approach? 

Look at our Evidence and Impact page for more detailed information.

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