Evidence & Impact

Being able to provide evidence of the value of what we do in and with our communities is important to us for a number of reasons.

Primarily, we want to ensure we are responding to the needs of children and their families, and see that our work is effective. We gather data in a variety of ways, from many different audiences. 50 Things to Do has identified the changes at various levels that need to occur to improve children’s health, learning, and wellbeing milestones, leading to improved social mobility.

Have a read through our Impact Report and Case for Support below to see some of our results. If you interested in any specifics, that you can’t find here, do get in touch, we may be able to provide it. 



50 Things is underpinned by research findings about the best ways to help children have a great start to life. Although the inspiration for the activities within 50 Things to Do came from parents and our community, we worked with early education, health and language experts to make sure the content was supported by research and evidence.

We evaluate the work of 50 Things all the time, asking parents and practitioners questions, and developing content to make sure all children and families benefit from our approach.

Have a look at our Theory of Change and 2023 Impact Report for more information.

Christian Bunting
50 Things to Do Director

Case for Support

Impact Report 2023


Theory of Change

Don't just take our word for it...

See below what our Ambassadors have to say about 50 Things to Do!

Dr William Bird.png

Dr William Bird

GP and founder of Intelligent Health

“As a GP, I can't make a child healthy, like you can, I can treat disease, give vaccinations, but I can't set a child's brain, body and immunity in a resilient way, for the rest of their life. That's what 50 Things to Do can do."


Prof Mark Mon-Williams.png

Professor Mark Mon-Williams

Director of the Centre for Applied Education Research

"There is a huge amount of evidence that shows the fun activities encouraged by 50 Things will literally ensure children enjoy longer healthier lives. This is why all of us at the Centre for Applied Education Research are passionate advocates of 50 Things, and why we support the team in continually evaluating and improving their approach so that every child across the UK can thrive."