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Placing families and early years at the heart of your COVID recovery strategy
How a family-based approach to enriching life experiences in the under 5s improves health, happiness, and attainment.

Wednesday, 10th March


Webinar starts at 2.00pm



Covid19 and the Wider Impact on Children and Families

The Covid19 lockdowns have had a hugely detrimental effect on the health and wellbeing of families and young children, with many children being disadvantaged in areas such as educational attainment, physical development, health and mental wellbeing. Professor Mark Mon-Williams will be talking about the evidence-based Born in Bradford Project, and how we can apply the lessons learned to get children back on track through initiatives like 50 Things to do Before You’re 5.

Professor Mark Mon Williams

Professor Mark Mon-Williams (MMW) holds a Chair in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Leeds, and is Professor of Psychology at the Bradford Institute of Health Research, and Professor of Paediatric Vision at The Norwegian Centre for Vision. He is also a Turing Fellow at The Alan Turing Institute (the UK’s National data analytics centre).


The Impact of Covid19 on Social Mobility

Christian Bunting will look at the negative impact Covid19 has had on social mobility, learning and life chances for children from different backgrounds. He will consider how 50 Things to do Before You’re 5 is well-placed to address social disparity, and will be central to the Covid recovery strategy across many local authorities.

Christian Bunting
Bradford Birth to 19

Christian’s passion for education spans a number of years in senior roles, formerly in schools and presently as a Partnership Board member for the Bradford Opportunity Area. He has led the development of Bradford Birth to 19 Teaching School from inception, building a collaborative alliance of 150 schools.


Addressing the Decline in the Uptake in Free Education Throughout Covid19

For a variety of reasons, Covid19 has led to significant drops in attendance, for children entitled to free education. While this has been beneficial to a tiny minority, the impact has been largely unfavourable. Andrea Layzell will be looking at how the uptake of free education for 2 year olds, nursery children and reception age children has declined, and what this has meant for child development and social mobility.

Andrea Layzell
50 Things Project Lead

Andrea Layzell is the 50 Things Project Lead and Workforce Development Leader. She has worked in Early Years for over 30 years. This includes 20 years working for local authorities, as a consultant supporting practitioners, and most recently with the Bradford Birth to 19 Teaching School.

Who should attend?

  • Local authorities
  • Health Professionals
  • Education Advisers
  • Early Years Professionals
  • Community Outreach


Why you should attend?

Impoverished life experiences in the early years can put a child at a disadvantage against their peers. Research shows that many children never recover from this early disadvantage, which impacts on their attainment, confidence, aspirations, and life chances. 

This webinar will demonstrate how Local Authorities are using 50 Things to Do Before You’re 5 to enrich lives and improve the future of young children especially in light of the current challenging circumstances.

  • Discover how to engage parents and foster whole family approaches to health and wellbeing
  • Find out how to combat social disadvantage through this initiative
  • Help different cultures engage with community and environment
  • Provide early years education to encourage children to be happy and healthy, and learn while having fun
  • Support public health initiatives such as, combating obesity, diabetes, coronary and respiratory diseases
  • Prepare under-5s for future learning and school readiness

Led by the team at St Edmund's Nursery School and Children’s Centre in Bradford and rolled out in conjunction with Local Authorities across the UK, 50 Things To Do is an exciting initiative that helps parents and carers connect with their children through meaningful activities designed to have a positive impact on learning and health, so that their children can thrive through a range of low or no cost fun local activities.


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