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We work closely with our Local Authorities to ensure we provide all available guidance to any new partners coming on board.

The following links provide a range of impact studies that demonstrate how Local Authorities have launched and embraced 50 Things To Do. They also highlight how the project has had signficant positive impacts in Local Authorities across the country...

With first-hand experience of raising young children at home, combined with a professional understanding of how children learn, Carrie Priestley is able to speak with authority and enthusiasm about why the experiences of 50 Things to Do Before You’re Five is a wonderful resource to families across the UK.
Calderdale Council took a population based, universal approach to supporting children to be school ready with the introduction of the ’50 things to do before you’re five’ project.
50 Things was launched in East Sussex in March 2019 at a conference for early years practitioners, which comprised schools and childminders and practitioners from private, voluntary and independent settings. Promotion of 50 Things has been in partnership with both internal staff teams that work with families and through childcare provision and primary schools across the county.
Wakefield’s 50 Things was given the green light by the Children’s Board during Covid-19, to help support families and encourage under 5’s to become more school ready.
Kirklees has a varied geography, a range of communities and a wide variety of different languages. It is made up of many communities from rural and industrial areas where there is a wide range of ethnicity and spoken languages. Kirklees is proud of its diverse population - but it comes with challenges.
The 50 Things app and activities have been promoted as ideas for engaging Leeds parents in their child’s learning. From the outset, our focus has been on learning at home and embedding learning and fun into a parent’s interactions with their child.
50 Things to Do Before You’re Five in Sheffield has been funded through the City Council’s Lifelong Learning & Skills department, to provide an innovative approach that will deliver benefits to both migrants and established resident populations, preparing children for school.



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50 Things is underpinned by a strong evidence base including the Education Endowment Foundation and Public Health England.

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Strategic Context

50 Things has a strong research pedigree which continues to underpin its development.

Our partnership with The Centre for Applied Educational Research (CAER) presents an ongoing opportunity for us to learn more about 50 Things’ impact on early learning, child development and health.

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