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What is 50 Things To Do?

50 Things To Do aims to provide inspiration for parents and carers to connect with children through a range of activities, all designed to have a positive impact on learning and health. 

50 Things provides a local offer to families, guiding them to places to visit, and fun things to do on their doorstep. They'll be shown how to make best use of their local libraries, museums, parks and wild spaces - helping to promote community cohesion at the same time.

Presented and packaged through a mobile app means it is easy to get started and conveniently available whenever the moment arises for a new activity.

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Experiential Learning

Our experience tells us that children benefit hugely from 50 Things, showing progress in their academic, social and emotional development.

Greater Equity

While intended to be a universal offer from Local Authorities, 50 Things is showing strong impacts in socially and economically disadvantaged communities.

Improves Language and Communication

50 Things has been created to stimulate strong progress in early language and communication. By engaging in a wide range of exciting activities that they want to talk about, children's vocabulary significantly improves.

Supports Parents and Carers

50 Things provides suggestions for all parents and carers about exciting things to do in their local area. This is particularly useful for those who might lack confidence in engaging with the process of learning.

Developed by Educators

Inspired by parents' ideas, all 50 activities have been written by education experts and early years practitioners.

Accessible to All

The 50 Things activities have been designed to be accessible for children of all abilities, including those with Special Educational Needs. 50 Things also provides activities which are appropriate for all children, from birth right up to their fifth birthday and beyond!

Culturally Sensitive

50 Things To Do celebrates cultural diversity across the activities, ensuring all communities can share experiences with meaning.

Meets DfE Priorities

The project directly meets pre-school literacy priorities and helps schools and settings to respond to Ofsted's challenge to focus on the wider curriculum.

Covid Recovery

50 Things supports families during the Covid pandemic, helping them have fun at home and outside while remaining safe. It also helps schools and Local Authorities fulfill their statutory obligations to support home learning.

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Local Context

Created by the team at St Edmund’s Nursery School, Bradford, 50 Things was launched at the Houses of Parliament in 2018. It has since been adopted by a growing number of Local Authorities and continues to attract interest nationwide.

Local context is critical to the success of 50 Things, and so all activities have to be available locally. Every region has slightly different challenges, and will want to promote different local experiences. Our expert team will help you celebrate your local area so that you can inspire families to have fun and learn.

Our Mission

A firm evidence base

50 Things is underpinned by a strong evidence base including the Education Endowment Foundation and Public Health England.


Evidence Base

Join us

The 50 Things To Do project is attracting national attention and we'd like you to be part of it. We are seeking further forward-thinking Local Authorities to join the 50 Things To Do initiative. It is our aim to make this opportunity available to every child and family in the country.

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The mobile App

50 Things To Do Before You’re Five gives you 50 activities that parents and carers can support their children to try out and repeat.

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