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From the classroom to the living room: 50 things is an established resource for our pupils


Helene Herrington

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We launched “50 things” two years ago in our Foundation Stage, here at Eastwood Community School, where I am Assistant Head and EYFS Lead. We initially helped our parents to set up the app on their phones at a special launch event, enabling us to explain the resource, using home languages when needed. Some of our parents used this regularly and we enjoyed sharing their photos on our 50 Things display.

Making 50 things part of our school experience

We also recognised that we would need to keep the project fresh and support families by regularly sharing ideas and setting up opportunities in school. We set up events in our weekly stay and play sessions, modelling the types of language associated with the activity and how this could be extended at home. We hold termly theme days to relaunch the resource (Camping, Spring Fun and a Water Splash Day) and outdoor activities both in the local park and in our school outdoor learning space. We promote events in the local area, linked to one of the 50 things (e.g. the local library, parks and museums). We have provided gift packs to take home with resources for an identified # (e.g. chalk, bubbles, flower bulbs and seeds).

Helping children develop their language skills

As a school, we realise the benefits of these language rich opportunities and we are seeing more children responding to and using the “where, what, why, how” questions and using a wider range of vocabulary. Our parents appreciate having the ideas and the modelled language that the app provides.

Parental Feedback

It has given me so many low cost ideas of things to do and it tell me what to say and what things to ask my child.” 

We love making memories using the app.

 School staff have all been actively involved in using the resource through regularly Tweeting using #50things and linking home learning to a particular hashtag.

Member of staff: “It’s a wonderful way to have fun with your child, while developing their knowledge, confidence and language and then creating a desire to try new things.


Check out photos of 50 Things being utilised at Eastwood Community School below!

Helene Herrington

Helene is an assistant headteacher and EYFS lead at Eastwood Community School in Keighley, Bradford, where she oversees the reception and nursery classes. She also teaches part time in the reception class, which she loves the most. 50 Things is an established resource at Eastwood and as an Outdoor Learning School, #19 (Growing Little People, Plants and Things) #34 (Woodland Wandering) are her firm favourites!


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